Notes on Contributors

Pranoto Iskandar is founding director of the Institute for Migrant
Rights. His academic appointments include O’Brien Fellow in Residence
at McGill University (2016) and the Inaugural Research Fellow of New
Asian Publics at Nottingham University Malaysia Campus (2015-16).
In addition to his forthcoming “Religious Constitutionalism,” his most
recent scholarly publications appeared in Asian Review (Nov., 2017),
Oxford University Comparative Law Forum (Dec., 2017) and Social
& Legal Studies (Jan., 2018). Currently, he is working on a scholarly
project entitled Unenlightened Religious Freedom.
Akhil Sud is a second year J.D. student at Yale Law School. He is Editor
in Chief of the Yale Journal of Law & the Humanities. He received a
B.A. summa cum laude in economics, with Distinction, from Yale
College in 2016. He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa.
Nandang Sutrisno is the President of the Universitas Islam Indonesia,
Yogyakarta. He obtained his PhD in International Economic Law at
Melbourne University and LLM at McGill University. He has published
widely on the intersection of the interests of developing countries and
trade liberalization under the regime of World Trade Organization. His
most recent publications are Enhancing Strategic Role of Sea Port in the
Era of Free Trade: Reform of Shipping Law, 33 J H B
(2014) and H P I (forthcoming).
Wahj Wazzan is a Counselor at Reda J.Abdulrazak Law Firm, earned
his bachelor degree in Law from King Abdulaziz University (2009).
During his studies, he worked as a Scheduling Coordinator in British
Council (2002) and as a Polling Ocer in the rst Saudi Municipal
Elections (2005). On top of that, he completed a practical legal training
at Reda J.Abdulrazak Law Firm (2008) and have been working as a Legal
Practitioner and a Reputation Manager since then. Accomplishing
LLM degree Program at Chicago-Kent College of Law in International
& Intellectual Property Law in (2016-17). Currently, he is interested
in pursuing a Juris Doctorate degree as part of his eort to work on a
scholarly project.

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