Notes on contributors

Ashley N. Arrington is a Texas attorney specializing in business and
human rights law. She holds a business degree from the University
of Texas at Arlington, a law degree from Texas A&M University
School of Law, and an advanced law degree in both human rights and
international business law from Northeastern University School of Law.
Having recently transitioned from a position at Harvard University, she
currently works as a contract attorney and volunteers with a number of
non-prot organizations focused on children’s legal and human rights.
Jamil Balga works in the elds of political and U.N. aairs at a diplomatic
mission. He earned his LL.M. in Human Rights and Criminal Justice
at the School of Law of University of Aberdeen, United Kingdom and
an M.A. with specialization in International Law from the University
of Bonn, Germany.
Joshua T. Carback is a rising third year law student at the University of
Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law. Mr. Carback graduated
summa cum laude from Geneva College in 2014 with a Bachelors of
Arts degree, majoring in Political Science and double minoring in
History and Philosophy. Mr. Carback currently serves as the Executive
Symposium/Articles editor of the Maryland Law Review, and on the
Myerowtiz Committee of the Francis King Carey Law School Moot
Court Board. He is scheduled to graduate with a Juris Doctorate in
May, 2017. His scholarship includes Note, Ocasio v. United States:
Why the Hobbs Act Punishes Co-conspirator Extortion, 75 M. L. R.
E (2016), and Public Takings for Private Use: A Maryland Case
Study in Nineteenth Century Railway Expansionism, 3 P. L. J. 46
David J. Cook has been practicing in the area of enforcement of
judgments, provisional remedies and collection of debts for more
41 years. Other members of the bar consult with Mr. Cook on all
aspects of pre and post judgment remedies. Mr. Cook is the author of
Debt Collector's Handbook (ABA, 2014) and Collection, Demand and
Commercial Letters (ABA, 2015), and soon to be published Insolvency
Explained (ABA). Mr. Cook is the author of over 100 articles which
have been cited in the case law and other articles.

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