Nota Bene Episode 30: My Two Cents: Privacy Laws, Brexit Update, The State Of Private Equity Markets, California Cannabis Boom, And Effective Corporate Compliance With Host Michael P.A. Cohen

Author:Mr Michael P.A. Cohen
Profession:Sheppard Mullin Richter & Hampton


In this recap episode, Michael Cohen is extracting the valuable lessons shared by our guests in the prior 5 episodes. He offers his two cents about the practical advice shared by our guests to help the C-Suite understand the legal, political, and economic underpinnings impacting the 21st Century intercontinental business landscape in which they operate.

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In Episode 25, we were brought up to speed on privacy laws by Liisa Thomas. Liisa discussed the importance of identifying how data collected can best be used (and not simply kept safe). Liisa covered the newly minted CCPA in California and GDPR in the European Union and explained the uptick in enforcement by administrations in various states across the country. We explored the prohibitive nature of the density of emerging privacy laws.

In Episode 26, Michael spoke with Oliver Heinisch, and they discussed the latest updates on the state of Brexit and addressed the question of whether or not there will be a deal. Since the airing of this episode, matters have not improved in the United Kingdom as there is still no deal regarding Brexit.

In Episode 27, we were joined by Luca Salvi who shared his insight on the gangbuster state of merger and acquisitions and private equity markets. Luca explained the current attractive state...

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