Not yet making America great again.

  1. "Bank loans grew in the first quarter by just 0.7 percent at an annualized rate, according to the Fed, the slowest for almost six years. Commercial and industrial lending shrank for the first time since late 2010. Residential-mortgage lending also declined."

    --The Economist

  2. "A big trend in American business is the collapse in the number of listed companies. There were 7,322 in 1996; today there are 3,671. The number of companies doing initial public offerings (IPOs), meanwhile, has fallen from 300 a year on average in the two decades to 2000 to about 100 a year since."

    --The Economist

  3. "The typical income for a young woman in the labor force increased 28.5 percent since 1975, from $23,000 to $29,000 in 2015 dollars. Meanwhile, young men's earnings have declined. For a man in the labor force aged 25 to 34, the typical income declined from $46,000 in 1975 to $40,000 last year."

    --Washington Post

  4. "New Federal Reserve data released [April 7] shows that U.S. consumers now owe $1.0004 trillion on credit cards, up 6.2 percent from a year ago and 0.3 percent from January. It is also the highest amount since January 2009."

    --Wall Street Journal

  5. "Recent data on the U.S. retail sector have been bleak, with the number of bankruptcies during the...

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