New Impact Factor for IMF Economic Review

September 2013
New Impact Factor for IMF Economic Review
e IMF Economic Review h as received its new Impact
Factor, 2.53, with the release of the latest omson Reuters
Journal Citation Reports.
is marks an i ncrease from last year’s impressive rst
Impact Factor of 2.1. e journal’s rank ings have risen to
25/332 in the Econom-
ics category and 5/86 in
the Business, Fina nce
category. e Impact
Factor is a measure
of the frequency with
which the average
article in a journ al has
been cited in a part icu-
lar year or period.
“When I asked
Pierre-Olivier Gou-
rinchas and Ayhan
Kose to start the IMF
Economic Review in
2010, I hoped that not
only would the Review publish relev ant macro articles, but
also that the releva nce of the articles would be enough to
make them inuentia l, and the journal successfu l. Judging
by the ranki ngs, the goal has been met, even exceeded ” com-
mented Olivier Blanchard, t he IMF’s Economic Counsellor
and Director of the Resea rch Department.
First published in August 2010, IMF Economic Re view
has quickly become one of the lead ing peer-reviewed jour-
nals for serious macroeconomic ana lysis and research. e
journal has featured a rticles by prominent economists such
as Viral V. Acharya, Patrick Bolton, R icardo Caballero,
Peter Diamond, and Hyun Song Shi n, as well as a number
of IMF sta.
According to Gita Gopinath, a professor of economics at
Harvard University, “e IMF Economic R eview has been
uniquely successfu l in publishing papers that rigorously
analyze rea l world international macroeconomic problems
and in a manner that ha s immediate policy relevance. is
success is owed to a great extent to the hig h quality of the
editorial board which i s able to identify papers that are both
relevant for policy and are executed u sing state of the art
tools so as to make the a nalysis compelling. Given this, it is
not surprising that t he Review’s impact on the profession
has grown steeply since it was  rst published in 2010.
IMF Economic Review i s the ocial research journal of
the International Monetar y Fund and is published by Pal-
grave Macmilla n for the IMF.
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