More Reason for Opening Up Higher Education

Author:Nandang Sutrisno
e Indonesian Journal of International & Comparative Law
ISSN: 2338-7602; E-ISSN: 2338-770X
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morE rEason for opEning up
highEr EduCation
Nandang Sutrisno
Universitas Islam Indonesia
It is undeniable that opening up a national economy to the global econ-
omy has become almost necessary for achieving domestic economic
growth as in the case of the four Asian Tigers, i.e. Hong Kong, Sin-
gapore, South Korea, and Taiwan.1 is includes the not-so-popular
dimension of free trade in services in spite of the profound benecial
impact compared to the more traditional trade in goods.2 More impor-
1. See e.g., Arvind Panagariya, Trade Liberalization in Asia, in G A
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Lessons for Development Policy , 9 NBER M A 219-82
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 G  G L M (2006); also see Jean-Christo-
phe Dumont & omas Liebig, Is Migration Good for Economy?, M
P’ D (May 2014),

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