Meditating Over Mediation And Arbitration: A Look Into The Singapore And New York Conventions

Author:Arnold & Porter Kaye Scholer LLP
Profession:Arnold & Porter

The last century has seen the rise of treaties building access to justice within alternative dispute resolution (ADR). These include the Singapore Convention (2019) and the New York Convention (1958). Following in step with the globalisation of business to business deals, cross-border commercial disputes have increased considerably, charting the path for increased use of mediation and arbitration as the preferred method of dispute resolution within certain industries.

This article surveys each treaty and offers a look into its creation, history and curiosities.

The Singapore Convention: expanding international mediation

The United Nations convention on international settlement agreements resulting from mediation, aptly called the Singapore Convention for its recent ratification in Singapore on 7 August 2019, is the first treaty of its kind to grant enforcement protections to commercial, cross-border settlement agreements achieved after mediation. Discussions in Singapore included panel topics on multilateralism and rule of law in an evolving world and...

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