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De-Klientel's Initiative

Following publication of the ar ticle "STRAP and CLAMP - Nigeria Copyright Commission in Action" in WIPO Magazine 5/2008, I am writing to inform you of the De -Klientel Music Initiative. De-Klientel Music, an Abuja-based music label, has designed a radio program that will run on the popular Lagos-based Wazobia 95.5 FM. The program is intended to be a platform through which to support NCC and STRAP in the eradication of piracy.

The one-hour radio program will be called 9ja (Naija) Top 10 and will promote Nigerian music and artists through features, a countdown and a segment with a star artist and an audience- voted legend. The key segment will be a 20- minute slot dedicated to live interviews with NCC and STRAP officials as well as record label owners, entertainment lawyers, marketing experts, distributors and other stakeholders.

The program will boost consciousness of the fight against piracy and infringement of intellectual property, enlighten and educate the general public, while informing that ignorance of piracy is not an excuse in the course of prosecution. It will also consolidate awareness of the efforts of NCC and STRAP, expose pirates and their tactics, improve market standards, protect the interests of the stakeholders and ensure the growth of the entertainment industry.

This initiative - organized in collaboration with NCC, STRAP and entertainment stakeholders - will help sustain wealth creation and opportunities throughout the entertainment industry.

Patent numbers and inventor's information

First of all, I would like to congratulate you on the quality and clarity of the articles published in the WIPO Magazine . The themes you develop are often discussed in our weekly meetings. However, you...

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