Last man standing?

Position:OFF THE NEWS - Brief article

The world analyst community is chock full of China watchers--experts who regularly try to determine who's up and who's down in the Chinese leadership. Now we have the new Trump watchers--those who try to determine the nature of the White House power structure behind the curtain. The general consensus: Trump has no commander-in-chief but instead a half-dozen senior generals. The most intriguing of these generals is Jared Kushner, the president's son-in-law, a registered Democrat with no experience in GOP politics before the recent presidential campaign. Nevertheless, the son-in-law is said to have done a brilliant job masterminding the technical side of the campaign's ground game.

Today Kushner is said already to have thirty people in the West Wing reporting directly to him. Detractors say that in meetings with the president and other top advisors, Kushner tends to be a "momentum guy." In other words, he holds back to see...

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