Job retention

6. Job retention
6.1. Policy on acquired disabilities
6.1.1. Where existing employees acquire a disability
while in employment, employers can continue to benefit
from their accumulated expertise and experience by taking
steps to enable them to retain their employment. In devel-
oping a strategy for managing disability in the workplace,
employers should include measures for job retention in-
Job retention
(a) early intervention and referral to appropriate services;
(b) measures for a gradual resumption of work;
(c) opportunities for workers with disabilities to test work
or obtain experience in an alternative job if they are un-
able to resume their previous jobs;
(d) the use of support and technical advice to identify any
opportunities and any adjustments which might be
6.1.2. In seeking to facilitate job retention or return to
work by a disabled employee, employers should be aware
of the range of possible options. In some cases, the em-
ployee may be able to return to the same job as before, with
no changes. In other cases, some adjustments may be re-
quired to the job itself, to the workstation or the working
environment. In yet other cases, it may be necessary for the
person to move to a different job in the workplace. The dis-
ability management strategy should include measures to
promote job retention in each of these forms. These may
include training or retraining for the person concerned,
the provision of information to supervisors and co-workers,

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