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Published date01 June 2020
Date01 June 2020
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ISSN 1369-412X
published by
The Journal of the Nippon Finance Association and the Asian Finance Association
Volume 20 Number 2 JUNE 2020
Managing Editors:
Sudipto Dasgupta
Nandini Gupta
(Letters Section)
H. Cao
A. Hameed
S. Ongena
X. Yu
Associate Editors:
A. Agrawal
Kee-Hong Bae
F. Braggion
L. Cen
I. Chakraborty
X. Chang
T. Chemmanur
N. Chen
Z. Da
H. Degryse
M. Delis
P. Della Corte
C. Doidge
A. A Durnev
D. Foster
H. Gulen
N. Gupta
C. Hadlock
B. Han
M. Hertzel
V. Ioannidou
X. Jin
N. Ju
X. (Erica) Li
X. Liu
D. Lou
D. Martinez
D. McLean
M. Pritsker
A. Purnanandam
R. Sen
C. Sialm
T. Smith
J. Sulaeman
D. Tang
S. E Thomas
X. Tian
A. Watanabe
M. Watanabe
J. Wei
C. Wihlborg
H. Xing
J. Yang
V. Yerramilli
Stephen Brown, Chris Veld and Yulia Veld-Merkoulova
Credit Cards: Transactional Convenience or Debt-Trap?
Tianxi Wang
Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: A Model of Certifi cation with Informed Finance
Xiaofei Pan and Gary Gang Tian
Bank Work Experience Versus Political Connections: Which Matters for Bank Loan Financing?
Ahsan Habib, Mostafa Monzur Hasan and Ahmed Al-Hadi
Financial Statement Comparability and Idiosyncratic Return Volatility
Kartick Gupta and Chandrasekhar Krishnamurti
Do Countries Matter More in Determining the Relationship Between Employee Welfare and Financial Performance?
Wei-han Liu
Are Gold and Government Bond Safe-Haven Assets? An Extremal Quantile Regression Analysis
Shorter Articles
Hammad Siddiqi and Sajid Anwar
The Pricing Kernel Puzzle: A Real Phenomenon or a Statistical Artifact?
Hwa-Sung Kim
Investment Decisions, Debt Renegotiation Friction, and Agency Confl icts
Srisuda Amatachaya and Kanis Saengchote
Organization Capital and Expected Returns in Service and Non-Service Firms: Evidence from Thailand
Chandan Kumar Jha
Financial Reforms and Corruption: Which Dimensions Matter?
Xuan Vinh Vo
The Role of Bank Funding Diversity: Evidence from Vietnam
Namryoung Lee
Tax Avoidance, Near-Future Earnings, and Resource Availability
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