Issue Information

Date01 September 2016
Published date01 September 2016
International Review of Finance
Vol. 16 No. 3 September 2016
Can An, Xiaofei Pan and Gary Tian
How Does Corporate Governance Affect Loan Collateral?
Evidence from Chinese SOEs and Non-SOEs 325
Yuk Ying Chang and Martin Young
Brand Firm Performance and Tough Economic Times 357
Sangwon Suh
A Combination Rule for Portfolio Selection
with Transaction Costs 393
Ming Shann Tsai and Shu Ling Chiang
The Valuation Model for a Risky Asset When Its Risky Factors
Follow Gamma Distributions 421
Shorter Articles
Lan Ju, Timothy (Jun) Lu and Zhiyong Tu
Capital Flight and Bitcoin Regulation 445
Ahmet Sensoy
Systematic Risk in Conventional and Islamic Equity Markets 457
Ali Mirzaei and Ali M Kutan
Does Bank Diversification Improve Output Growth? Evidence
from the Recent Global Crisis 467
Simon Xu, Inchang Hwang and Francis In
The Effect of Diversifi cation on Tail Risk: Evidence from US
Equity Mutual Fund Portfolios 483

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