Invisio V60: lighter smaller and more capable.


Less than a month after its unveiling at the Future Soldiers Exhibition and Conference in Prague in mid-October and display at AUSA in Washington D.C. a week later, the Invisio V60 communication system logged a first order worth 2.2 million from an undisclosed leading military radio manufacturer that will provide the end package to a Nato country. Compared to the previous X50 the new control unit is much lighter, 145 versus 250 grams, and smaller as it can be seen in the author's picture. Moreover it allows to link up to three communications sources, one more than its predecessor. In fact the V60 is a quad-com system as port Com1 allows to link a dual radio by using push-to-talk (PTT) buttons, namely PTT1 and P112 to handle communications on the two networks. A total of four such buttons are available, two primary ones (PT11 and PTT2) on the sides and two secondary ones (PTT3 and P114) on the front face. The three communications ports, two on the bottom and one on the top of the case, accept any type of input such as radios, intercom systems, mobile phones, computers, metal detectors, as well as remote PTTs. The V60 automatically and instantaneously detects the connected system, setting audio and system parameters. All ports are capable of data...

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