Interview with Antonio Spilimbergo, the Research Department's New Deputy Director

IMF RESEARCH perspectives | 13
Interview with
The Research Department’s
New Deputy Director
A passionate researc her and
linguist — Antonio tells us in t his
interview with Christina Kolerus
how he manages to balance
academic rigor and challenging
eld experien ce. He has published
in leading academic journals,
including the American Economic
Review and the Revie w of Economic
Studies, on topics r anging from
macroeconomics and development
economics to international trade and
political economy.
After nine exc iting years as mission
chief of Slovenia, It aly, Russia, Turkey
and Brazil, Anton io is returning to
the Research Department.
CHRISTINA: Antonio, you have had
a very interes ting career at the Fund
with incredibl y broad research and
publications, f rom the economics of
education to po pulism and, of course,
trade. Before hear ing more on this, let
me ask you, have you always wan ted
to be an economist ?
ANTONIO: Actu ally, since high
school, I have been ver y interested in
linguistic s. In my free time I often read
books on linguis tics, most recently on
the theory of s yntax — an abstruse but
fascinating s ubject. A few linguist s
in academia are kind en ough to help
me when I have a doubt. The y call
me “a linguist in disguise.”

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