International Social Science Review: Submission & Publication Guide.

Date01 August 2021

-The International Social Science Review invites the submission of manuscripts in archaeology, public health, history, political science, sociology, anthropology, economics, international relations, criminal justice, social work, psychology, social philosophy, history of education, human/cultural geography, and all social science interdisciplinary fields. Articles are accepted on a rolling basis.

-Send submissions to the editor of the ISSR, Dr. Candice Quinn, as attachments to an email to Please also attach an abbreviated CV.

-Please include your name, email address, title of the article, abstract, and key words on the cover page of your article. The rest of the paper should have no identifying information. It should also not contain any headers or footers, including page numbers or running titles.

-The cover page (or the body of the email to which the article is attached) must also include a version of the following statement (if true): The paper is an original piece that reflects the research and work of the authors listed. No portion of this paper was plagiarized. This paper has not been previously published. It is not currently under consideration with another journal. The authors agree not to submit this paper to another journal without first requesting to have it withdrawn from consideration by the ISSR via an email to the editor.

-Papers already published in another language or presented as conference papers may be considered with written permission from the original publisher or conference organizer. These papers will still go through the blind peer review and revision and editing process. A footnote will recognize that an earlier version of the paper was published / presented elsewhere.

-Articles attached as Microsoft Word documents are preferred, but those sent as Google Documents will also be accepted.

-Papers should aim to be between 15-30 pages in length; if you submission is shorter or longer, double check if that is justifiable.

Formatting Guidelines

-Articles must be double-spaced, utilize 12-point Times New Roman, and the body of the paper should be left justified.

-Subheadings may be used and they should also be left justified and written in italics. Please do not use sub-subheadings.

-All tables should be in portrait (not landscape) and should be incorporated into the body of the paper as opposed to placed in an appendix.

-The citation method employed in is the ISSR is endnotes following the Chicago...

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