International Arbitration 1/3LY - July 13, 2015

Author:Mr Maurice Kenton, Daniel Le Roux, Alec Emmerson, Max Ebrahim, Simon Schooling, Nicola Vinovrski, Patrick Zheng, Elsa Jordaan and Warren Hiepner
Profession:Clyde & Co

I am delighted to present the fourth issue of Clyde & Co's International Arbitration 1/3LY. This issue focusses on arbitration and dispute resolution across Africa and marks the first time that we have included an in-depth special report, exploring the growth of arbitration as a discipline and an industry in its own right in African jurisdictions.

As foreign direct investment to Africa continues to grow, the continent is experiencing an upswing in the volume of disputes involving African parties. In the extended report, I investigate African responses to this trend and compare and contrast different regional and jurisdictional approaches to disputes resolution through interviews with key stakeholders from Rwanda, Mauritius, Kenya and Nigeria. Michael Kuper SC provides the South African perspective in a conversation with Clyde & Co's Daniel Le Roux and Nicola Vinovraki. In a separate article we assess the viability of South Africa as a seat for arbitration, focussing on its arbitration laws and judicial attitudes.

Other contributions to this issue cover trends in African construction disputes and an overview of the role of Investor-to-State Dispute Settlement provisions in Africa. Patrick Zheng covers the rise of Chinese investment...

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