International and National Provisions of Space Law Regulating the Use of Outer Space

Author:Oleksandr Kobzar and Anna Danylenko
Position:Doctor of Law/Postgraduate Student, Scientific Institute of Public Law (Kyiv, Ukraine)
Advanced Space Law, Volume 3, 2019
International and National Provisions of Space Law
Regulating the Use of Outer Space
Oleksandr Kobzar1
Doctor of Law,
Anna Danylenko2
Postgraduate Student, Scientic Institute of Public Law (Kyiv, Ukraine)
In the article, the authors reveal the role and place of international and national provisions of law
in regulating the use of outer space under the new scientic paradigm of outer space. The authors prove
that the new technologies of using outer space contradict the existing international sources of space
law. Consequently, the spacefaring nations independently approve the national legislation. However,
sometimes the national provisions of space law of one State are not recognized by other spacefaring
nations. This leads to intergovernmental political tension. The authors oer possible solutions to this
Keywords: international law, space activities, outer space, international guarantees, provisions of
law, public administration.
Received: March 01, 2019; accepted: April 07, 2019
Advanced Space Law, Volume 3, 2019: 48-62.
What is outer space? Can it exist without Man, and if so why? What is the essence of human
relations in space? What place do provisions of law occupy in public space relations? It would
seem that these questions are distant for an average person and relate exclusively to scientic
considerations of highly specialized experts. However, probably, sometimes gazing at the
starry sky, every representative of humankind thought at least once about why, how and when
space arose. What place does a person take in it? What future destiny is expecting humanity in
it? How can it be used in favour of oneself and others? As soon as people moved from abstract
© Kobzar, Oleksandr, 2019
© Danylenko, Anna, 2019

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