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Online register created for Australian patents

Non-profit organisation Cambia has extended its worldwide patent resource, 'the Patent Lens', to include the full text of over 115,000 granted patents in Australia, and 580,000 patent applications in Australia. The website enables anyone to search the full text of Australian patents without charge. CEO Richard Jefferson stated, 'Until now, the crucial information in Australian patentssimply has not been searchableWorldwide innovation depends on clarity and transparency of patent rights'. The site also links to 7 million international patent documents in the US, Europe and WIPO.

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US Patent reform legislation passed by a committee of the House of Representatives

A bill which would reform US patent legislation has been passed by a House committee of the House of Representatives. If made law, the bill would alter the way patent damages are calculated, and change the way patents are awarded bringing the US position in line with the more common method internationally. Presently, patents are awarded in the US to the first person to invent something, however the new law awards a patent to the first person to file for one. The object of the amendment is said to ensure that patents continue to encourage innovation. The bill awaits a hearing by the Full House of Representatives.

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Pepsi wins patent dispute against Coca Cola

Pepsi has successfully defended a patent infringement claim brought by Coca Cola in a US District Court. Coca Cola sued PepsiCo in 2005 claiming that PepsiCo's use of a 'Helical Coil Bag', a collapsible bag which dispenses syrup for fountain soft drink, infringed their patent for a collapsible container. The Court held there was no patent infringement on the basis that the invention differed from Coca Cola's patented invention in that the 'helical coil' was not secured inside the bag.

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Australia introduces moral rights for performers

The WIPO Copyright Treaty and the WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty came into force in Australia on 26 July, resulting in new rights...

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