Inclusion in Economics: Interview with Sole Martinez Peria

SOPHIA C: Inclusion is a truly multidimensional topic.
Understanding inclusion require s thinking that crosses
the traditional b oundary between dierent fiel ds.
This kind of thinking is no t uncommon in your research,
Sole: you have written ex tensively at the intersec tion of
finance and development , two views that have developed
mostly indepen dently. What interests you in making the
connection between these two?
SOLE M: When I sta rted my professional career at th e
World Bank, I really was not thi nking about financial
inclusion. However, I was in a group where many
colleagues were working on financial development.
They studied how t he size of the financial sector mat tered
for growth. With colleagues Asli Demirgüç-Kunt and
Thorsten Bec k, we started wondering wh ether what
Sole Martinez Peria is Assistant
Director of the IMF Research
Department. A former Research
Manager at the World Bank, Sole
played an active role in collecting
cross-country data and kick-starting
the Bank’s research on financial
inclusion. In this interview, she talks
with Sophia Chen about inclusion—
what it means for economic research
and for the economics profession.
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