IMF Working Papers

Summer 2017
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IMF Working Papers
Working Paper 17/1
Benets of Global and Regional Financial Integration
in Latin America
Luc Eyraud, Diva Singh, Bennett W. Sutton
Working Paper 17/2
Korea’s Challenges Ahead—Lessons from Japan’s Experience
Edda Zoli
Working Paper 17/3
Why Do Bank-Dependent Firms Bear Interest-Rate Risk?
Divya Kirti
Working Paper 17/4
How Buoyant Is the Tax System? New Evidence from a
Large Heterogeneous Panel
Paolo Dudine, João Tovar Jalles
Working Paper 17/5
On the Determinants of Fiscal Non-Compliance:
An Empirical Analysis of Spain’s Regions
Mar Delgado-Téllez, Victor Duarte Lledo, Javier J. Pérez
Working Paper 17/6
Fiscal Rules to Tame the Political Budget Cycle:
Evidence from Italian Municipalities
Lorenzo Forni, Andrea Bonfatti
Working Paper 17/7
Indian Financial Sector: Structure, Trends, and Turns
Rakesh Mohan, Partha Ray
Working Paper 17/8
Optimal Tax Administration
Michael Keen, Joel Slemrod
Working Paper 17/9
Price and Wage Flexibility in Hong Kong SAR
Si Guo
Working Paper 17/10
Collect More, Spend Better: Public Investment
in Asian Frontier Markets
Manuk Ghazanchyan, Ricardo Marto, Jiri Jonas,
Kaitlyn Douglas s
Working Paper 17/12
Financial and Business Cycles in Brazil
Ivo Krznar, Troy D. Matheson
Working Paper 17/13
What Are Reference Rates For?
Divya Kirti
Working Paper 17/14
Money and Credit: eory and Applications
Liang Wang, Randall Wright, Lucy Qian Liu
Working Paper 17/15
Oil Prices and the Global Economy
Rabah Arezki, Zoltan Jakab, Douglas Laxton, Akito Matsumoto,
Armen Nurbekyan, Hou Wang, Jiaxiong Yao
Working Paper 17/16
Risk Taking and Interest Rates: Evidence from
Decades in the Global Syndicated Loan Market
Seung Jung Lee, Lucy Qian Liu, Viktors Stebunovs
Wor king P aper 17/ 17
Corporate Restructuring and Its Macro Eects
Jongsoon Shin
Working Paper 17/18
Fiscal Politics in the Euro Area
Luc Eyraud, Vitor Gaspar, Tigran Poghosyan
Working Paper 17/19
Financial Deepening in Mexico
Alexander Herman, Alexander D. Klemm
Working Paper 17/20
International Remittances, Migration,
and Primary Commodities in FSGM
Stephen Snudden
Working Paper 17/21
Czech Magic: Implementing Ination-Forecast
Targeting at the CNB
Kevin Clinton, Tibor Hlédik, Tomás Holub, Douglas Laxton,
Ho u Wan g
Working Paper 17/22
Curbing Corporate Debt Bias
Ruud A. de Mooij, Shak Hebous
Working Paper 17/23
Household Consumption in Japan —
Role of Income and Asset Developments
Erkki Vihriälä
Working Paper 17/24
Banks’ Adjustment to Basel III Reform:
A Bank-Level Perspective for Emerging Europe
Michal Andrle, Vladimír Tomšík, Jan Vlcek
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