IMF Working Papers

IMF Research Bulletin
14 14
International Monetary Fund, 2015, “Structural Reform
and Macroeconomic Performance: Country Cases,
IMF Policy Paper (Washington).
Lim, Cheryl, Kelvin Tan, and others,“The ‘Big Fast Results’
Model—Malaysia as the Backdrop,” (unpublished manu-
script Malaysia: Achieving High-Income Status through
Resilience and Inclusive Growth, December 9, 2015),
(Washington: International Monetary Fund).
Sahay, Ratna, and others, 2015, “Rethinking Financial
Deepening: Stability and Growth in Emerging Markets,
IMF Staff Discussion Note 15/08 (Washington: International
Monetary Fund).
World Bank, 2011, “The Changing Wealth of Nations:
Measuring Sustainable Development in the New
Millennium,” (Washington: World Bank).
World Bank, 2013, “Malaysia Economic Monitor: Harnessing
Natural Resources,” (Washington: World Bank).
IMF Working Papers
Working Paper 15/184
Integrated Ownership and Control in the GCC Corporate Sector
Andre Santos
Working Paper 15/185
Sub-Saharan Employment Developments: e Important
Role of Household Enterprises with an Application to Rwanda
Alun H. omas
Working Paper 15/186
Portfolio Rebalancing in Japan: Constraints and Implications
for Quantitative Easing
Serkan Arslanalp, Dennis P. J. Botman
Working Paper 15/187
Exports in a Tari-Free Environment: What Structural
Reforms Matter? Evidence from the European Union Single
Jesmin Rahman, Ara Stepanyan, Jessie Yang, Li Zeng
Working Paper 15/188
Trends in Fiscal Transparency: Evidence from a New Database
of the Coverage of Fiscal Reporting
Rachel F. Wang, Timothy Irwin, Lewis K. Murara
Working Paper 15/189
On the Drivers of Ination in Sub-Saharan Africa
Anh D. M. Nguyen, Jemma Dridi, D. Filiz Unsal, Oral Williams
Working Paper 15/190
Systemic Risk Assessment in Low Income Countries:
Balancing Financial Stability and Development
Daniela Marchettini, Rodolfo Maino
Working Paper 15/191
Comparing the Employment-Output Elasticities of
Expatriates and Nationals in the Gulf Cooperation Council
Alberto Behar
Working Paper 15/192
Innovation, Deregulation, and the Life Cycle of a Financial
Service Industr y
Fumiko Hayashi, Grace Bin Li, Zhu Wang
Working Paper 15/193
Capital Inows, Credit Growth, and Financial Systems
Deniz Igan, Zhibo Tan
Working Paper 15/194
Normalization of Global Financial Conditions: e
Implications for Brazil
Troy Matheson
Working Paper 15/195
A New Look at the Determinants of Growth in Asian Countries
Manuk Ghazanchyan, Janet Gale Stotsky, Qianqian Zhang
Working Paper 15/196
Aid and Growth at the Regional Level
Axel Dreher, Steen Lohmann

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