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Working Paper 15/33
On the First-Round Eects of International Food Price
Shocks: the Role of the Asset Market Structure
Rafael Portillo; Luis-Felipe Zanna
Working Paper 15/34
ASEAN Financial Integration
Geert Almekinders; Alex Mourmouras; Jian-Ping Zhou;
Satoshi Fukuda
Working Paper 15/35
Private Sector Deleveraging and Growth Following Busts
Sally Chen; Minsuk Kim; Marijn Otte; Kevin Wiseman;
Aleksandra Zdzienicka
Working Paper 15/36
Uncertainty and Unemployment: e Eects of Aggregate
and Sectoral Channels
Sangyup Choi; Prakash Loungani
Working Paper 15/37
Value of WTO Trade Agreements in a New Keynesian Model
Giovanni Ganelli; Juha Tervala
Working Paper 15/38
Financial Decisions and Investment Outcomes in Developing
Countries: e Role of Institutions
Rima Turk
Working Paper 15/39
A Phillips Curve with Anchored Expectations and Short-Term
Laurence M. Ball; Sandeep Mazumder
Working Paper 15/40
e Sources of Business Cycles in a Low Income Country
Romain Houssa; Jolan Mohimont; Christopher Otrok
Working Paper 15/41
Are Islamic Banks More Resilient During Financial Panics?
Moazzam Farooq; Sajjad Zaheer
Working Paper 15/42
Asia’s Quest for Inclusive Growth Revisited
Chie Aoyagi; Giovanni Ganelli
Working Paper 15/43
Are Foreign Banks a ‘Safe Haven’? Evidence from Past
Banking Crises
Gustavo Adler; Eugenio Cerutti
Working Paper 15/44
Is Banks’ Home Bias Good or Bad for Public
Debt Sustainability?
Tamon Asonuma; Said Bakhache; Heiko Hesse
Working Paper 15/45
Made in Mexico: Energy Reform and Manufacturing Growth
Jorge Alvarez; Fabian Valencia
Working Paper 15/46
Interconnectedness, Systemic Crises, and Recessions
Marco A. Espinosa-Vega; Steven Russell
Working Paper 15/47
Central and Commercial Bank Balance Sheet Risk Before,
During, and Aer the Global Financial Crisis
Joseph Crowley
Working Paper 15/48
e Level of Productivity in Traded and Non-Traded Sectors
for a Large Panel of Countries
Rui Mano; Marola Castillo
Working Paper 15/49
Remittances and Macroeconomic Volatility in
African Countries
Ahmat Jidoud
Working Paper 15/50
A Global Projection Model for Euro Area Large Economies
Zoltan Jakab; Pavel Lukyantsau; Shengzu Wang
Working Paper 15/51
Structural Transformation — How Does ailand Compare?
Vladimir Klyuev
Working Paper 15/52
How Delaying Fiscal Consolidation Aects the Present Value
of GDP
Kevin Fletcher; Damiano Sandri
Working Paper 15/53
Pressing the Indian Growth Accelerator: Policy Imperatives
Rakesh Mohan; Muneesh Kapur
Working Paper 15/54
How Inclusive Is Abenomics?
Chie Aoyagi; Giovanni Ganelli; Kentaro Murayama
Working Paper 15/55
Women Workers in India: Why So Few Among So Many?
Sonali Das; Sonali Jain-Chandra; Kalpana Kochhar;
Naresh Kumar
Working Paper 15/56
What Can Boost Female Labor Force Participation in Asia?
Yuko Kinoshita; Fang Guo
Working Paper 15/57
e Role of Bank Capital in Bank Holding
Companies’ Decisions
Adolfo Barajas; omas F. Cosimano; Dalia Hakura;
Sebastian Roelands

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