IMF Working Papers

December 2014
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IMF Working Papers
Wor kin g Pa per 14/ 144
Credit Quality in Developing Economies: Remittances to
the Rescue?
Christian Ebeke; Boileau Loko; Arina Viseth
Wor kin g Pa per 14/ 145
Capital Flow Deection
Paolo Giordani; Michele Ruta; Hans Weisfeld; Ling Zhu
Wor kin g Pa per 14/ 146
Friedman Redux: External Adjustment and Exchange
Rate Flexibility
Atish R. Ghosh; Mahvash Saeed Qureshi;
Charalambos G. Tsangarides
Wor kin g Pa per 14/ 147
Do the Type of Sukuk and Choice of Shari’a Scholar Matter?
Christophe Godlewski; Rima Turk Ariss; Laurent Weill
Wor kin g Pa per 14/ 148
Public Investment as an Engine of Growth
Andrew M. Warner
Wor kin g Pa per 14/ 149
Islamic Finance in Sub-Saharan Africa: Status and Prospects
E. Gelbard; Mumtaz Hussain; Rodolfo Maino; Yibin Mu;
Etienne B. Yehoue
Working Paper 14/150
How Solid Is Economic Growth in the East African
Nikoloz Gigineishvili; Paolo Mauro; Ke Wang
Working Paper 14/151
Global Imbalances and External Adjustment aer the Crisis
Philip R. Lane; Gian-Maria Milesi-Ferretti
Working Paper 14/152
e Eects of Unconventional Monetary Policies on
Bank Soundness
Frederic Lambert; Kenichi Ueda
Working Paper 14/153
Unemployment and Structural Unemployment in the Baltics
Christian Ebeke; Greetje Everaert
Working Paper 14/154
Aer the Boom—Commodity Prices and Economic Growth in
Latin America and the Caribbean
Bertrand Gruss
Working Paper 14/155
Macro-Prudential Policies to Mitigate Financial System
Stijn Claessens; Swati R. Ghosh; Roxana Mihet
Working Paper 14/156
Portfolio Flows, Global Risk Aversion and Asset Prices in
Emerging Markets
Nasha Ananchotikul; Longmei Zhang
Working Paper 14/157
Capital Flows, Financial Intermediation and
Macroprudential Policies
Matteo Ghilardi; Shanaka J. Peiris
Working Paper 14/158
Pacic Island Countries: In Search of a Trade Strategy
Hong Chen; Lanieta Rauqeuqe; Shiu raj Singh; Yiqun Wu;
Yongzheng Yang
Working Paper 14/159
Introducing a Semi-Structural Macroeconomic Model
for Rwanda
Luisa Charry; Pranav Gupta; Vimal akoor
Working Paper 14/160
Conventional and Insidious Macroeconomic
Balance-Sheet Crises
Bas B. Bakker; Leslie Lipschitz
Working Paper 14/161
Measuring External Risks for Peru: Insights from a
Macroeconomic Model for a Small Open and Partially
Dollarized Economy
Fei Han
Working Paper 14/162
Sovereign Debt Composition in Advanced Economies:
A Historical Perspective
S. M. Ali Abbas; Laura Blattner; Mark De Broeck; Asmaa
El-Ganainy; Malin Hu
Working Paper 14/163
Determinants of Banks’ Net Interest Margins in Honduras
Koe Ben Nassar; Edder Martinez; Anabel Pineda
Working Paper 14/164
Budget Institutions in Low-Income Countries: Lessons
from G-20
Sanjeev Gupta; Sami Yläoutinen

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