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Working Paper 14/77
Hysteresis in Unemployment and Jobless Recoveries
Dmitry Plotnikov
Working Paper 14/78
SMEs’ Access to Finance in the Euro Area: What Helps or
Bahar Öztürk; Mico Mrkaic
Working Paper 14/79
European Productivity, Innovation, and Competitiveness: e
Case of Italy
Andrew Tin
Working Paper 14/80
Export Spillovers from Global Shocks for the Middle East and
Central Asia
Alberto Behar; Jaime Espinosa-Bowen
Working Paper 14/81
Safe Havens, Feedback Loops, and Shock Propagation in
Global Asset Prices
Working Paper 14/82
Determinants of International Tourism
Alexander Culiuc
Working Paper 14/83
With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility:
Macroprudential Tools at Work in Canada
Ivo Krznar; James Morsink
Working Paper 14/84
Time-Varying Neutral Interest Rate—e Case of Brazil
Roberto Perrelli; Shaun K. Roache
Working Paper 14/85
Fiscal Adjustment and Income Inequality: Sub-National
Evidence from Brazil
João Pedro Azevedo; Antonio David; Fabiano Rodrigues Bastos;
Emilio Pineda
Working Paper 14/86
Are Banks Really Lazy? Evidence from Middle East and North
Simon Gray; Philippe D Karam; Rima Turk Ariss
Working Paper 14/87
Central Bank Financial Strength in Central America and the
Dominican Republic
Andrew Swiston; Florencia Frantischek; Przemek Gajdeczka;
Working Paper 14/88
Financial Constraints, Intangible Assets, and Firm Dynamics:
eory and Evidence
Sophia Chen
Working Paper 14/89
Ination Targeting and Fiscal Rules: Do Interactions and
Sequencing Matter?
Jean-Louis Combes; Xavier Debrun; Alexandru Minea; Rene
Working Paper 14/90
Optimal Prudential Regulation of Banks and the Political
Economy of Super vision
ierry Tressel; ierry Verdier
Working Paper 14/91
Ination Reports and Models: How Well Do Central Banks
Really Write?
Working Paper 14/92
e Case for a Long-Run Ination Target of Four Percent
Laurence M. Ball
Working Paper 14/93
A Simple Method to Compute Fiscal Multipliers
Working Paper 14/94
Does Openness Matter for Financial Development in Africa?
Antonio David; Montfort Mlachila; Ashwin Moheeput
Working Paper 14/95
Managing Credit Bubbles
Alberto Martin; Jaume Ventura
Working Paper 14/96
Ination and Public Debt Reversals in the G7 Countries
Bernardin Akitoby; Takuji Komatsuzaki; Ariel J. Binder
Working Paper 14/97
Aer the Fall: Lessons for Policy Cooperation from the Global
Tamim Bayoumi
Working Paper 14/98
Small and Medium Size Enterprises, Credit Supply Shocks,
and Economic Recovery in Europe
Working Paper 14/99
Ms. Muet, the Spider(gram) and the Web of Macronancial
Ricardo Cervantes; Phakawa Jeasakul; Joseph Maloney;
Li Lian Ong

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