IMF Economic Review

March 2014
Staff Discussion Notes
Sta Disc ussion Notes showca se new policy-related
analysis and rese arch by IMF departments . ese papers
are generally brief and w ritten in nontechnical la nguage,
and are aimed at a broad audience interested i n economic
policy issues. For more information on th is series and to
download the papers in t his series, please visit : www.imf.
No. 13/8
Anchoring Growth: e Importance of Productivity-
Enhancing Reforms in Emerging Market and Developing
Era Dabla-Norris, Giang Ho, Kalpana Kochhar, Annette Kyobe,
and Robert Tchaidze
No . 13 /11
Obstacles to International Policy Coordination, and How to Overcome em
Jonathan D. Ostry and Atish R. Ghosh
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IMF Economic Review i s the ocial research jour nal of
the International Monetar y Fund and one of the leading
peer-reviewed journals in open-e conomy macroeconom-
ics. e Review received an Impact Factor of 2. 529 with
the release of the latest omson Reute rs Journal Citation
Reports®, ranki ng 25th out of 333 journals in the Econom-
ics category and 5th out of 89 journa ls in the Business and
Finance cat egory.
Since its debut in August 2010, the journal ha s published high-qualit y articles from promi-
nent economists such as Viral V. Acharya, Patrick B olton, Ricardo Cabal lero, Peter Diamond,
and Hyun Song Shin. e ex pert research published in the jour nal has inuenced academia, t he
broader research community, and policy makers worldwide.
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