ICM's terms of reference


Page 343

* Gather and assess information on developments in international capital markets, and make this information readily available to area and other IMF departments, as a vital part of the IMF's surveillance work and of the design and monitoring of its lending programs.

* Develop analytic and operational approaches to systemic issues, including capital account liberalization; assess systemic risks stemming from international capital markets developments; and conduct policy-oriented and analytical research on issues related to international capital markets.

* Develop and maintain a management information system designed to provide continuous surveillance of capital markets, with a view to strengthening the IMF's early warning capabilities of potential financial crises, in cooperation with other IMF departments.

* Serve as the IMF's main point of contact with official and private forums dealing primarily with international capital markets issues by establishing and maintaining systematic liaisons with private capital market participants, national authorities responsible for financial system policies, and official forums dealing with international capital markets issues; this includes having the responsibility for the preparation and...

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