Hong Kong Consumer Council - International Outreach Web To Assist Online Shoppers In Cross-Border Cooperation

Author:Mr Angus Forsyth (Stevenson, Wong & Co.)
Profession:Global Advertising Lawyers Alliance (GALA)

Hong Kong people are enthusiastic travellers. Many go to Thailand and many to Malaysia but many also go to South Korea, Japan and Singapore.

One basic problem which frequently arises is where a Hong Kong travelling buyer in Japan wishes to make an online purchase in Japan and uses an online Japanese website for the purchase. A quality or other defect grievance arises and there are difficulties for the Hong Kong buyer (by that time very possibly returned to Hong Kong) to deal with the Japan seller on the problem. The Hong Kong Consumer Council has developed an avenue in which to channel the relevant complaints to its counterpart in Japan to take up the matter with the seller.

The Hong Kong Consumer Council has been developing cross-border collaboration for exchange of information on consumer disputes in the...

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