9. Health
9.1. Health hazards
9.1.1. General requirements
1. Portworkers should be fit for the work which they
are employed to carry out. They should be protected from
health hazards that may arise from the activity itself, the
means to carry out that activity, the work environment or
the organization of the work. This part of the code gives
examples to assist in identifying the risks and detailing the
action that should be taken to avoid them.
2. The health and fitness for work of portworkers who
regularly work in areas or on operations known to include
health hazards should be regularly monitored by persons
competent to do so (see section 9.2). Those carrying out the
monitoring process should regularly liaise with those
responsible for areas or operations to ensure that the pre-
cautions and arrangements for eradicating, reducing or con-
trolling the hazards are effective.
3. Health hazards should be identified, the risks known
and evaluated, the dangers to health understood and effec-
tive preventive measures put in place to ensure the health of
the portworkers concerned. There should be a management
system for identifying such risks and a strategy for respond-
ing to them. Arrangements for the participation of workers
should include health matters.
4. The principal health hazards that can arise from port
operations are noise, fatigue, fumes, vibration and exposure
to hazardous substances, including cargoes. These hazards

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