General provisions

1. General provisions
1.1. Objective
The objective of this code is to provide practical guidance
on the management of disability issues in the workplace with
a view to:
(a) ensuring that people with disabilities have equal oppor-
tunities in the workplace;
(b) improving employment prospects for persons with dis-
abilities by facilitating recruitment, return to work, job
retention and opportunities for advancement;
(c) promoting a safe, accessible and healthy workplace;
(d) assuring that employer costs associated with disability
among employees are minimized – including health
care and insurance payments, in some instances;
(e) maximizing the contribution which workers with dis-
abilities can make to the enterprise.
1.2. Principles
1.2.1. The principles which inform the code are those
underlying international labour standards, including the
Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (Disabled Per-
sons) Convention, 1983 (No. 159), and Recommendation
(No. 168), 1983.
1.2.2. Effective workplace disability management prac-
tices based on evidence, good practice and experience enable
workers with disabilities to contribute productively to the
enterprise and to maintain valuable work expertise.
1.2.3. The code is based on the conviction that employ-
ers benefit from the employment of people with disabilities,

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