Forms of social reaction against criminality

AuthorAlina Zaharia
PositionLegal advisor
AGORA International Journal of Juridical Sciences,
ISSN 1843-570X, E-ISSN 2067-7677
No. 2 (2019), pp. 107 - 112
Legal advisor / Graduate "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University of Iași, Faculty of Philosophy
and Social-Political Sciences, Master Program Probation, Mediation and Social Assistance
for Crime Victims
Mailing address: City of Iași, Vasile Lupu street, no. 140, staircase A, 2nd section, 6th floor,
12th apartment, Iasi county, Romania
In the first part we define some forms of social reaction against crime conceived as a
mechanism of social and normative organization, perpetuating itself differently from one
society to another, depending on the specifics of each one, referring to the system of
ethical, normative and cultural values. Next, we identify aspects related to fight against
criminality, which consider the way of establishing some forms of social control, from a
social/ legislative/ institutional/ state/ contextual norms perspective, that are found in the
public or private space.
KEY WORDS: social reaction, social control, criminality, prevention, punishment.
The social reaction against criminality represents the legal disapproval and social
protest materialized in preventive measures from the perspective of some forms of social
control or measures to remove causes and conditions that generate or favor the adoption of
criminal behavior, the treatment applied to criminals either minors, adults, women or
repeat offenders. On the other hand, it is materialized in punitive measures that apply to the
perpetrators who have committed an act that summarizes the conditions for committing a
Given that the members of a society differ one another, disturbances of the
equilibrium state can be created precisely through the contrast of each one's diversified
concepts. That is why the forms of social reaction, together with the social control come to
establish some norms (imperative or supplementary) and habits that balance the social
stratification and the dissonance of ideas
It is easy to understand that the social reaction against crime is also a topic of
criminology, forming a branch that studies social psychology, with the particularities
related to the legal-criminal field, referring to the causal and non-causal doctrinal theories.
In light of this idea, we make a compact characterization to a form of preventive reaction, a
Article 15 paragraph (1) of the Penal Code of Romania published in the Official Monitor no. 510/ 24.07.2009.
C. Loghin, Conflicte meto de alternative de administrare și soluționare, Ed. Univ. Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Iasi,
2016, p. 43.

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