Enterprise safety and health policy

Part II. Framework for safety and health at the
enterprise level
3. Enterprise safety and health policy
91. The management of safety and health should be considered as a high
priority management task. The management of an enterprise involved in forestry
work should be aware of its responsibility for and actively promote safety and
92. As a basis for safety and health management, all enterprises should, in
consultation with the workers concerned, prepare, publish and maintain a policy
which clearly describes the nature of the hazards associated with their forestry
operations and the steps they intend taking to prevent or reduce the effect of such
hazards and work-related accidents.
93. The safety and health policy and related strategic objectives should:
(a) have equal status with the enterprise's other policies and objectives;
(b) be explicit, operational and amenable to monitoring and evaluation. The
enterprise sho uld be committed to meet or exceed all relevant regulatory and
legislative req uirements;
(c) be consistent with the enterprise's general policy and be periodically
(d) aim at fully integrating safety and health into the overall organization and
operations of the enterprise.
94. The safety and health policy and the management system for its
implementation should aim, in the following order of priority, at:
(a) eliminating the risk;
(b) controlling the risk at source;
(c) minimizing the risk by means that include the safe design of work systems and
organization of work;
(d) ensuring that personal protective equipment is used if, in spite of the
provisions above, there is still an element of risk.
95. The extent and precise nature of a safety and health policy will clearly
depend on the size and scope of the enterprise, but certain key components should
be incorporated . These are:
(a) the recruitment and training of personnel;
(b) the identification of those personnel who have been assigned specific
responsibilities in the area of safety and health. This should include the name
or job title of the individual and the precise nature of his or her
responsibilities. The aim should be to avoid ambiguity and to demonstrate the
commitment of the management hierarchy, irrespective of its size and

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