Schiebel has reported that its Camcopter recently became the first vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) UAV system to deploy manually from a ship, demonstrating its suitability for naval and coast guard use. Off the coast of Florida, the Camcopter completed five successful take-offs and landings from the deck of the US Coast Guard cutter Valiant with up to 21 knots of wind over deck. Operated manually, the Camcopter was flown from the Valiant with no modifications to the ship and only minimal preparation. All take-offs, flight and recoveries were completed with the Camcopter operating under its own on-board systems.

A cruise engine-powered Taurus Kepd 350 completed a further test flight on 31 September 2000 at Vidsel test range in Sweden, launched by a Tornado. The test demonstrated safe aircraft separation, wing deployment and stabilisation during transition phase, engine start, low-level, long range cruise flight with precision manoeuvres at high subsonic speeds, pop-up and impact on target. The German Minister of Defence has recently announced that the Taurus 350 will not be affected by the national defence budget.

Lifting and levelling containers is not a job for the weak of heart, neither is it something those who wish to continue to walk upright would like to endeavour. Haacon has developed a system with which shelters and containers can be unloaded and levelled automatically. The levelling system can either be integrated into the support frame of a truck cab or attached to an ISO container's corners and then extended manually (up to 400 mm) for use. Four electric motors extend the supports until they are in contact with the ground, then lift the container/ shelter enough for the vehicle to be moved away. To make removal easier an incline measurement can be saved...

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