Development Agenda: International Seminar


Following a decision taken by its Members States at the 2004 General Assemblies, WIPO hosted an International Seminar on Intellectual Property (IP) and Development in Geneva on May 2 and 3. The seminar aimed to provide a forum for an open, inclusive and interactive debate on IP issues of international concern, focussing on the challenges facing developing countries. Over 120 participants attended ... (see full summary)


Under the two broad themes of IP and public policy and IP and development, the seminar covered a wide spectrum of issues, including public health, traditional knowledge, biodiversity, copyright and related rights in the digital environment, competition policy, creating value from IP assets, technology transfer and national best practices. Panels of experts, representing a balance of interests and opinions, delivered presentations on the different thematic topics.

Participants from all regions of the world analyzed the role that the IP system plays in development, and exchanged views on how the current IP system might be improved. Discussions were constructive and...

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