6. In this code the following terms have the meaning assigned to them in the
definitions below:
(Note: a glossary of technical terms used is provided at the end of the code; in the
text they are marked: (!)).
Commissioning party:
A physical or legal person giving out work under a contract for services through
a contractor or self-employed person.
Competent authority:
A minister, government department, or other public authority having the power
to issue regulations, orders or other instructions having the force of law.
Competent person:
A person possessing adequate qualifications, such as suitable training and
sufficient knowledge, experience and skill for the safe performance of the
specific work. The competent authorities may define appropriate criteria for the
designation of such persons and may determine the duties to be assigned to
A person or enterprise used to perform forest operations to a given specification
at a predetermined cost under the terms of a contract for services, but not under
a contract of employment. For the purpose of this code contractors include
Dangerous occurrence:
Readily identifiable event as defined under national laws and regulations, with
potential to cause an injury or disease to persons at work or the general public.
(i) Any physical or legal person who employs one or more workers in forestry
work; and
(ii) as the context requires, the principal contractor, the contractor or the
An institutional unit – or the smallest combination of institutional units – that
encloses and directly or indirectly controls all necessary functions to carry out
its own production activities.
Forestry worksite:
Any site at which forestry activities are carried out.

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