2. Definifions*
2.0.1. The following definitions are given to indicate the
precise technical sense in which the listed terms have been used
in this code.
Apron: vertical and smooth screen below and plumb with the
landing or car sill edge. -
Authorised user: person authorised to use the lift by the person
responsible for the installation.1
Bed lift: lift in which the car is dimensioned to receive a stretcher
or a hospital bed, together with at least one attendant.
Buffer: device to absorb the impact of the car or counterweight
at the end of travel (e.g., by means of a fluid or spring).
Car: the part of a lift that is designed to carry persons or goods.
Contract load: maximum load, to be indicated in the car, for which
normal operation is guaranteed by the manufacturer.
Contract speed: speed, stated by the manufacturer, at which the
lift has been designed to operate (see also A8.6 and B8.6 below).
Drum drive lift: lift in which the suspension ropes or chains are
positively driven by the machine (i.e. otherwise than by fric-
Frame: metal supporting frame or sling to which the suspension
gear is attached and which carries the car or the counterweight.
* Elsewhere in the text an asterisk after a word or expression indicates,
if need be, that a definition of the word or expression is to be found in this
1See under 1.0.4 above the requirements to be met for a lift to be regarded
as falling within the category of lifts designated for the exclusive use of au-
thorised and instructed users.

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