Contingency and emergency preparedness

AuthorInternational Labour Organization
38 Meetings-MESHA-Final Code-2010-10-0355-1-En.doc/v2
7. Contingency and emergency
7.1. General
7.1.1. Any comprehensive OSH programme must include plans for emergency
response, such as in dealing with a large spillage of a hazardous chemical or as in
providing first aid to lone workers who suffer serious injuries at work.
7.1.2. The emergency response plans should include, at a minimum, the following:
(a) the arrangements for contacting the emergency services;
(b) the roles and responsibilities of the workers assigned to respond;
(c) emergency escape routes and procedures;
(d) procedures to be followed by workers who remain to perform critical operations
before they evacuate;
(e) the evacuation of the worksite;
(f) the means for internal communication and coordination;
(g) the means of communication for lone workers or groups of workers working at distant
(h) procedures to account for all workers after the emergency evacuation is complete;
(i) rescue, medical and other duties for workers who are assigned to perform them;
(j) the means for reporting fire and other emergencies;
(k) provisions for first aid (see section 18.4);
(l) providing relevant information and training to all personnel, at all levels, including
regular exercises in emergency prevention, preparedness and response procedures.
7.1.3. The employer should provide the necessary and most recent information to
protect all persons in the event of an emergency at the worksite. Alarms should be capable
of being seen and heard by everyone. Alarms, blinking/flashing lights, and/or other
emerging technologies should be capable of informing or alerting everyone. The employer
should organize periodic emergency drills.
7.1.4. The employer should design emergency planning, prevention, preparedness
and response arrangements to protect both workers and the public and establish these in
cooperation with external emergency services.
7.2. Escape and rescue
7.2.1. An appropriate escape and rescue plan must be prepared in writing in every

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