Competence, education and training

AuthorInternational Labour Organization
Meetings-MESHA-Final Code-2010-10-0355-1-En.doc/v2 29
5. Competence, education and training
5.1. General
5.1.1. The competent authorities should support the establishment and operation of
an education and training system catering to the needs of the agricultural sector. Particular
attention should be paid to raising knowledge and skill levels with regard to occupational
safety and health in agriculture.
5.1.2. The competent authorities in consultation with employers and workers
organizations, should support the development of a national qualifications framework
including a credible system of certification of specialized skills, including OSH
competencies, relevant to agriculture.
5.1.3. The necessary OSH competence requirements should be defined by the
employer based on the provisions of the national laws or regulations, in consultation with
workers and their representatives. Appropriate training arrangements leading to recognized
vocational training qualifications should be established and maintained to ensure that all
persons are competent to perform the OSH aspects of their present or planned duties and
5.1.4. Employers should have, or should have access to, sufficient OSH competence
to identify and eliminate or control work-related hazards and risks, and to implement the
OSH management system. Specific training needs can be identified from the initial and
ongoing hazard identification, risk assessment and evaluation of control measures.
5.1.5. Training programmes should:
(a) cover all workers at the workplace, including managers and supervisors, migrant and
temporary workers and contractors, as appropriate;
(b) be conducted by competent persons;
(c) provide effective and timely initial and refresher training at appropriate intervals and,
in an appropriate manner and language understood by the workers;
(d) include participant evaluation for comprehension and retention of the training;
(e) be reviewed periodically by the safety and health committee, where it exists, or by the
employer in consultation with workers and their representatives, and modified as
necessary; and
(f) be adequately documented.
5.1.6. The form and the content of training, particularly for new workers, should be
devised and implemented in consultation with workers or their representatives, and should
be in accordance with the identified needs, and may include:
(a) pertinent aspects of OSH legislation and any collective agreement, such as the rights,
responsibilities and duties of competent authorities, employers, contractors and
(b) assessments, reviews and exposure measurements, and the rights and duties of
workers in this regard;

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