New breath T-72 genuine upgrade package.


Main battle tank T-72 (T-72M1) is ranked as a unique tank-building technology. It makes a basic part of tank fleets of a considerable number of countries. Its design and operating properties make tank T-72M1 an ideal candidate for updating to increase its service life in the 21st century not spending great sums on it. Updating is basically aimed at improvement of combat properties to the level of the advanced tanks.

Tank T-72 is an embodiment of Soviet and Russian tank-building traditions: powerful armament, low profile, comparatively low weight, high-level protection and reliability, minimal operation costs.

Thanks to substantial advance in a number of defense technology areas and with the view of using the tank longer, progressive technical solutions employed in the tank design made it possible to qualitatively improve its combat characteristics without considerable changes in its look.

It can be proved by repeated modernization of tank T-72 during its manufacture in Russia.

Tanks T-72 have stood the test of time and action in many regions of the world, having a proved reputation of high fire power and reliability.

And quite natural is the interest of many countries, including those, which have not yet modernized tank T-72, in the tank updating.

The interest is governed by the tendency to reduce expenditures for purchasing of new expensive military equipment. The problem is more acute for the countries with limited economic resources.

During long-term manufacture and improvement of tanks T-72 Russia, being the only development and production center of T-72 series, has accumulated huge technical reserves, the use of which ensures harmonic improvement of the key tank characteristics (fire power, protection, mobility, controllability, keeping its reliability) and bringing the technical level of modernized tanks closer to the level of combat and operation characteristics of the advanced tanks. This is done thanks for the following:

* Installation of a new fire control system with the gunner's multi-channel sight to fire at distant targets at any time of the day;

* Installation of multipurpose explosive reactive armour to substantially increase the tank resistance to antitank means;

* Installation of 1000 h.p. diesel engine.

On the Customer's demand the following options are possible:

* Guided weapon system

* Enclosed antiaircraft machine gun

* Thermal target tracking device

* Arena active protection system

* Weapon stabilizer of improved...

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