Decision of Court (First Section Committee), May 19, 2015 (case BAJIĆ AND OTHERS v. CROATIA)

Resolution Date:May 19, 2015
Issuing Organization:Court (First Section Committee)



Application no. 56602/12Rajko BAJIĆ and othersagainst Croatia

The European Court of Human Rights (First Section), sitting on 19 Mai 2015 as a Committee composed of:

             Mirjana Lazarova Trajkovska, President,              Linos-Alexandre Sicilianos,              Ksenija Turković, judges,and André Wampach, Deputy Section Registrar,

Having regard to the above application lodged on 10 May 2013,

Having deliberated, decides as follows:


A list of the applicants is set out in the appendix.

The Croatian Government (“the Government”) were represented by their Agent, Ms Š. Stažnik.

The applicants complained under the procedural aspect of Articles 2 and 14 of the Convention about the inefficiency in the investigation into the killing of their close relative in August 1995.

The application was communicated to the Government, who submitted their observations on the admissibility and merits. The observations were forwarded to the applicants, who were invited to submit their own observations. No reply was received to the Registry’s letter.

By letter dated 15 January 2015, sent by registered post, the applicants’ representative was notified that the period allowed for submission of their observations had expired on 5 November 2014 and that no extension of time had been requested. The applicants’ representative’s attention was drawn to Article 37 § 1 (a) of the Convention, which provides that the Court may strike a case out of its list of cases where the circumstances lead to the conclusion that the applicant does not intend to pursue the application. The applicants’ representative received this letter on 23 January 2015. However, no response has been received.


The Court considers that, in these circumstances, the applicants may be regarded as no...

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