Baidu's AI-related patented technologies: Doing battle with COVID-19

Author:Victor Liang
Position:Senior Vice President and General Counsel of the Baidu Group

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic poses a serious threat to public health and presents a major economic challenge for countries across the globe.

Baidu has innovation in its genes: it is China’s best-known Internet company and a pioneer of AI research, with a unique portfolio of patents and licensing agreements with its partners upon which to build a thriving AI innovation ecosystem. (Photo: Courtesy of Baidu)

Three of the foremost challenges confronting countries in this ongoing healthcare crisis are: First, how to screen people with symptoms in an effective and timely way to avoid cross-infection in crowded places; second, how to ensure patients get quick and appropriate treatment amid the rapid spread of the virus and in the face of limited medical resources. Coupled with this are issues regarding how to speed up the pace of medical research and how to best share high-quality, accurate information with the public. Third, how to solve labor shortages in the areas hardest hit by the virus and ensure that society continues to operate in relative safety, while stay at home orders are in place.

In responding to these challenges, Baidu has swiftly applied its expertise in artificial intelligence (AI), and associated technologies and products, to support frontline efforts to prevent and control the pandemic. Baidu’s ability to quickly respond to the present health crisis is enabled by its long-standing investment in cutting edge research and development. Baidu’s substantial AI patent portfolio is testimony to the quality and breadth of Baidu’s research and development effort. As reflected in the examples below, Baidu is proud to be able to use these patented AI technologies to help address the urgent needs of society in today’s battle with COVID-19.

Video: Baidu's AI-related patented technologies doing battle with COVID-19

Overcoming the screening challenge

Accurate and efficient screening is critical to safely reopening society. To aid screening, Baidu has developed and deployed an AI-based temperature measurement system that quickly and easily monitors people’s temperatures. The system was deployed swiftly in transportation hubs, such as railway stations and subway stations, and has become an effective anti-epidemic technology.

Baidu has been building its AI patent portfolio for techniques, such as its AI temperature measurement system, since 2016. The company now has more than 100 patent applications in this field. Baidu continues to innovate in this area by further developing and optimizing its AI temperature detection technology. For example, among other techniques, Baidu is developing new innovations for the infrared temperature measurement of people wearing masks.

Baidu’s AI infrared vision technology helps solve the problem of rapidly detecting the body temperatures of large numbers of people in densely populated areas with high volumes of traffic. Because the system involves no human contact, it can quickly screen crowds to improve detection efficiency...

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