Advanced Space Law, Volume 5, 2020 111
Yuri Baturin is a Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Legal
Sciences, Pilot-cosmonaut of Russia, Chief Research Fellow of the Methodological and
Interdisciplinary Problems of Science Development Department, S.I. Vavilov Institute
for the History of Science and Technology, Russian Academy of Science. Head of the
Chair “Computer Law and Informational Security” of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State
University. Author of many books on Cosmonautics, Physics, Law. Moscow (Russia)
Dmytro Bezzubov is a Doctor of Law, Associate Professor, State University of Infrastructure
and Technology. Sphere of scientic interests: problems of ensuring the national
security, administrative law issues, the problem of legal risk in administrative law,
security aspects in administrative law, sectoral risk issues in space and aviation law.
He is the author of more than 100 scientic publications. Currently, the author is a
Professor at the Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law of the State
University of Infrastructure and Technologies. Kyiv (Ukraine).
Yurii Buhlak is a Ph.D. in Law, a Doctoral Student at the Donetsk Law Institute of the
Ministry of Internal Aairs of Ukraine. His research interests include: carrier rocket
control systems, organization, and activities of public administration entities. He has
published over 20 articles. Kryvyi Rih (Ukraine).
Olexiy Drozd is a Doctor of Law, Associate Professor. Sphere of scientic interests: concept
and elements of administrative liability; concept, composition and elements of
administrative oenses; prevention of administrative oenses; public administration of
the internal aairs agencies; organization of the activity of foreign police; non-contact
administrative services; municipal services; the use of space information technology
in the work of the police. Olexiy Drozd is the author of more than 300 scientic
publications. Currently, he is the head of the doctoral department at the National
Academy of Internal Aairs. Kyiv (Ukraine).
Olena Halahan is a doctoral candidate of the Department of International Law at the Taras
Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. Sphere of scientic interests: problems of
international maritime law, international information law, and international human

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