Announcement: New staff publication

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Announcement: New staff publication
The Journal of International Money and Finance recently published a special issue entitled
“Understanding International Commodity Price F luctuations” co-edited by Rabah Arezki (IMF),
Prakash Loungani (IMF ), Rick van der Ploeg (Oxford University), and Anthony J. Venables (Oxford
University). The papers were presented at a conference in Washington, D.C., September 20-21,
2013, organized jointly by the Research Department of the International Monetary Fund and the
Oxford Centre for the Analysis of Res ource Rich Economies at the University of Oxford. The special
issue addresses three key questions (i) Are commodity prices increasingly being driven by financial
speculation?; (ii) Do newer techniques to forecast commodity prices beat a random walk? (iii) What
are the economic and environmental impacts of new sources of energy supply?

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