Author:Damien Geradin
Profession:Professor of Law at the University of Liège and Director of the Global Competion Centre

This study was compiled during a two-year period under the supervision of Elisabetta Capannelli, the PPMI Program Manager. Given the scarcity of data and literature on competition law regimes in the southern Mediterranean, the personal knowledge of many experts was indispensable. A questionnaire was sent out to the competition authorities of the Mediterranean Partners in July 2002. Several draft versions of the paper were prepared and widely circulated within the European Commission and the World Bank. Part of this research was presented at a workshop on Competition Rules in Euromed Countries with a Special Emphasis on Network Industries, during the "Fourth Mediterranean Social and Political Research Meeting," held in Florence in March 2003. Mohammed Lahouel (Université Libre de Tunis) prepared a background study on the enforcement of competition rules in Tunisia, whose results are reflected in Chapter 8. The paper was peer reviewed by Pedro Alba (World Bank), Bertin Martens, (European Commission), Richard Messick (World Bank), and John Speakman (World Bank). Particular thanks go to Elisabetta Capannelli (PPMI) for her thorough editing of the paper and to Ulrike Hauer (European Commission), Daniel Müller-Jentsch (PPMI), and Stephen Ryan (European Commission), who took the time to review and make excellent comments to the paper. Additional thanks go to Lahcen Achy (National Institute of Statistics and Applied Economics, Rabat), Mohamad M. Al-Ississ (Euro-Jordanian Action for the Development of...

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