Author:Damien Geradin
Profession:Professor of Law at the University of Liège and Director of the Global Competion Centre

This study argues that adoption/strengthening of a competition law regime is a key component of the regulatory reforms, which are required to allow a market economy in the Mediterranean region. It also argues that the competition rules inserted in the Association Agreements signed between the European Union (EU) and the Mediterranean Partners (MPs) currently fail to provide adequate protection against anticompetitive practices affecting trade between these blocks. Moreover, the competition law regimes adopted by the MPs are generally poorly enforced with the consequence that many domestic anticompetitive practices remain unchallenged. In addition, this study addresses the issue of regulatory convergence between the EU and the MPs in the field of competition law, that is, whether the MPs should align their competition rules on European Community (EC) competition rules. It argues that while such convergence would...

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