2L Use of loose gear
21.1. Safe working load
21.1.1. No loose gear should be subjected to a load greater than
the safe working load marked upon it, except for the purpose of a
proof test in accordance with the requirements of subparagraph
21.2. Multi-legged sling
21.2.1. No multi-legged sling should be used
with any of its legs at an angle greater than the included angle
indicated in paragraph 20.6.4.; or
with a load greater than the safe working load marked upon it
when the included angle is less than that indicated in paragraph
21.3. Storage
21.3.1. When not in use, loose gear such as chains, wire rope
and fibre rope should be stored under cover in clean, dry, well
ventilated places where it is free from excessive heat and protected
against corrosion.
21.3.2. Loose gear in storage should be raised from the ground,
and not be in contact with damaging agents such as ashes, clinker or
coke breeze.
21.3.3. Storage arrangements for loose gear should not be such
as to expose workers to risks from such factors as over-exertion or
falling objects.
21.3.4. As far as is practicable, loose gear in storage should be
so arranged that chains, wire ropes and fibre ropes with the same
safe working load are grouped together, the fibre ropes being
separated from the metal gear.

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