11. Garages
11.1. General provisions
11.1.1. Garages for motor vehicles should:
be of fire-resistant construction;
be adequately ventilated; and
have at least one outside wall.
11.1.2. Electrical installations in garages should comply with
the relevant requirements of Chapter 17.
11.1.3. Heating installations in garages should have no open
flames or incandescent parts.
11.1.4. Inspection pits in garages should be:
accessible by means of safe steps; and
when not in use, provided with safe covers or perimeter bar-
ricades or guard-rails or toe-boards.
11.1.5. Garage floors should have a drainage system such
that:there is a trap for petrol (gasoline) and oil; and
the trap can be emptied easily.
11.1.6. Drain traps should be emptied at suitable intervals.
11.1.7. Large quantities of fuel and oil should not be stored
in garages.
11.1.8. Special precautions should be taken when work that
involves welding or the generation of sparks is carried out in
garages; in particular the relevant requirements of Chapter 28
should be complied with.
11.1.9. Oily and greasy waste should be kept in a self-closing
metal receptacle.
11.1.10. At an easily accessible place in a garage there should
be kept in readiness for use:
suitable fire-extinguishing equipment; or
an adequate quantity of dry sand and a shovel.

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