• The Role Of International Law In The Fight Against Aerial Terrorism. Penal Aspects of Aviation Law(Aviation Security)Efficiency and Limitations of Air

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(Halle Edward is an International Law scholar,researcher and Jurist.He holds an LLB(Hons)Degree from the University of Buea Cameroon and graduated Summa Cum Laude with an LLM in International Law from the Kangwon National University School Of Law Korea.He is an advocate and activist with N.G.O's&CIG's in Human Rights and Environmental protection.)


Aviation has grown over the years into a huge industry that is an indivisible part of todays economy and a toll of international trade and social interraction.Air transport is intrisically linked to peace and is removed from its antithesis Terrorism that is usually linked with acts of unlawful interference with civil Aviation.Because of their mobility and succeptibility,aircrafts have become preferred targets of Terrorists. Terrorist acts have moved from Sabotage and Hijacking to more innovative means.Legal instruments and physical deterrents have been made as safeguards against these acts,their efficiency will depend on cooperation to strenghten airport security,presecution and imposing sanctions on haven states.The discussion proceeds across time to facilitate a chronological understanding of the evolution of law and policy because the development of Aviation law has long been a reactive rather than a proactice process. This Book is relevant in international law and policy making as well as problem solving.Showing how powerful nations can violate and disregard laws when their interests are at stake.It also shows how Aviation law convetions protect human and environmental rights.

MATERIAS: Terrorist Attacks, Aviation Security, Aircraft Hijacking, Aircraft bombing, Shootings on board aircrafts, Approaches to combat aerial Terrorism, International resolutions and conventions on aerial Terrorism.