• The Principle of Universal Jurisdiction. Challenges for Africa

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(The Author is a Principal State Attorney in the Ministry of Justice in Rwanda. Prior, he was a High Court Judge and Lecturer in the Faculty of Law at the National University of Rwanda. He is a Member of the Rwandan Bar Association since 2001 and has an extensive practice in Constitutional, Human Rights and Public International Law.)


The book discusses the Principle of Universal Jurisdiction and proposes the way forward in combating international criminals. It also discusses the challenges that the principle faces in its implementation especially in the context of Africa. Though the Principle has its merits in terms of eradication of impunity, it also has practicle challenges. It is however equally important to note the role of emerging ad hoc International Courts/Tribunals as well as The International Criminal Court. They have significantly contributed to the effort in the fight against grave violation of Human Rights in general and International Criminal Law in particular. These combined efforts together with the national courts will, inevitably, in the near future bring to an end the violation of Human rights and will make the world a better space for living.

MATERIA: Int. Crim. Law