• Settlement of Commercial Disputes in International Air Transportation. A Legal Study

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Benarji Chakka,B.A.L.,B.L.,M.Phil,Ph.D, PG Cert in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. Currently he is working as a visiting Faculty and Independent Researcher in India. Prior this he was a Lecturer at School of Law, National University of Ireland, Galway,Ireland,and Legal Adviser, ICRC, Regional Delegation for South Asia in New Delhi, India)


In international aviation law, one of the problems that have been confronted at various international forums is for the creation of a tribunal for settlement of disputes pertaining to civil aviation. This issue has been further brought into the discussion with the advent of WTO system of GATS. The issue relating to the settlement of disputes in international air transport was debated during the Uruguay Round of trade negotiations. The basic function of the dispute settlement tribunal is not only to facilitate the settlement of disputes but also provides an opportunity for uniform interpretation of the international aviation law. To achieve this, a differently structured and composed forum is inevitable at international level. The present study focuses on the conventional and institutional regimes pertaining to the settlement of disputes in air transportation. An attempt has been made to study conventions pertaining to the procedural and substantial issues. Finally, this study also throws light on the feasibility of establishing a tribunal exclusively for settlement of disputes in international air transportation. This book is useful for students and practitioners of civil aviation

MATERIAS: WTO, GATS, Dispute Settlement, Chicago Convention, Air Carrier Liability, Warsaw Convention 1929, 1944, ICAO, Montreal Convention, 1999