• Rethinking International Law. A Post-Structural Feminist Approach to Human-Trafficking

Lambert Academic Publishing
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(Rosalie Clarke, LLM, BA (Hons): After studying International Relations at Nottingham Trent University, the author completed a Masters degree in International Criminal Justice & Armed Conflict at University of Nottingham. Now researching in the field of International Conflict Analysis/Resolution, involving an interdisciplinary approach, lives in UK.)


Sex-trafficking is one of the most ancient of trades, one which international law and the international community still struggles to manage effectively or eradicate. This book seeks to challenge the current legal approach to the problem of human-trafficking (sex-trafficking). In critiquing previous and more recent approaches, the book offers an alternative (economic) perspective. This alternative is also deeply associated with feminist legal and non-legal approaches. The argument put forward suggests that if we change our perspective, we could potentially improve the lives of the women at the heart of the ‘crime’, whilst also creating a more (economically) stable international system for everyone. Indeed, it is suggested here that by changing the way we see the women who are trafficked, by seeing them through the traffickers eyes; we may better understand the root causes/push factors which drive this ancient trade. Taking a cross-disciplinary approach, incorporating International Relations into the work; this book should be particularly useful to individuals interested in critical approaches to international law, political economy, organized crime and international relations.

MATERIAS: economics, international law, Human Trafficking, sex trafficking, Feminist Critique/Sholarship, international relations